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          The Nektom

          Our promise to you is to deliver a quality timepiece created in the tradition of Swiss watchmaking and craftsmanship. Our Quality Assurance team ensures that every component of every timepiece undergoes rigorous testing for all the criteria we've established.   Any watch purchased at Nektom is automatically registered and covered under our international two-year warranty.

          Quality Assurance Processes

          From the multitude of parts, large and small, to the finished product, every part of a Nektom watch has been thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure that it has met all visual and functional tests. We test all movements and movement components to ensure that they are technically, dimensionally, and aesthetically sound. We subject all our cases to water-resistance and condensation tests. We verify the quality of the hands, dials, straps, and bracelets. We also conduct tests during our casing-up and assembly processes. Once a Nektom watch is cased up, it's subject to another round of testing, including airtightness, functionality testing, and a microscope-aesthetic test. 

          Additional Warranty Information

          Our watches are covered by a two-year* warranty from the date of original purchase.

          *Important note regarding automatic watches: Every automatic watch requires maintenance and the frequency depends on the model, climate, and conditions of use.

          Please note that our warranty does not cover:

          • The consequences of natural disasters, loss or acts of God, theft, or accidents (including shocks, blows, and crushing).
          • Damage resulting from improper use or mistreatment.
          • Damage resulting from any tampering with the watch by any party whatsoever other than NektomSwiss Watches or a center duly authorized by NektomSwiss Watches. Wear and tear from aging and normal use.
          • Bracelets, crystals, or crowns & stems.
          • Any damage to the movement or case caused by moisture that may have entered the watch due to improper handling, including, but not limited to, failure to keep the crown tightly closed at all times.
          • Problems with water resistance and associated consequences if periodic water-resistance tests have not been conducted every two years following the date of purchase. 
          • Recommended routine overhauls on automatic watches.

          Warranty Transfer

          If you purchase a Nektom watch as a gift, please note that the warranty is only registered in your name.